Fire Fighter

Monday, 10/09 - No School; Staff In-service

Wednesday, 10/11 - Fire Department & Resume Squad Presentation 9AM

                                  Student Council 3:30PM

                                  PTA Meeting 7PM      

 Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Training on Wednesday at 7:00PM

Volunteers must be HIB trained. If you have been trained last year, you DO NOT need to be trained this year.  New volunteers may attend training on Wednesday at 7:00 during the first PTA meeting of the year.  Next week we will announce a daytime training to be held prior to Halloween.

 PTA Meeting on Wednesday at 7:00

Come on out to the first PTA meeting of the year this Wednesday.  Join the PTA!

 Fire Prevention Week

On Wednesday, the Franklin Fire Department and Rescue Squad will be here to present fire prevention skills to our students.  The lessons will be as follows:

 Themes for posters are as follows:

Grade 1 - Crawl Low Below Smoke

Grade 2 - Stop, Drop and Roll

Grade 3 - Help the Firefighters (firefighters are our friends)

Grade 4  - How to Report a Fire (calling 911 from a safe distance)

Grade 5 - Smoke Detectors (check/change the batteries)

Grade 6  - EDITH (Exit Drills in the Home; 2 ways out)

 Thank you to our volunteers for coming next week!!!

 Looking Ahead:

Week of October 16 - Kindness Week 

October 31 - 12:50 Dismissal/Halloween 10:30 Parade, 11:00 Parties