Monday, 4/10 - Spring Break   

Tuesday, 4/11 - Spring Break

Wednesday, 4/12 - Student Council, Movement Club, Battle of the Books ¾,

                                Garden Club, & Yearbook

Thursday, 4/13- Grades Live

Friday, 4/14 - Battle of the Books ⅚

Spring Break

On behalf of Franklin School, we wish all of our Fireball families an enjoyable Spring Break!

Report Cards for 3rd Marking Period

Report Cards will be posted on Genesis next Thursday. 

 Looking ahead:

April 17-19 - Book Fair

May 26- 12:50 Dismissal

May 29 - No School; Memorial Day

June 12- Last Day of School

Dress Code Information

As the warmer weather approaches, please remind your children about the dress code. Please see the second page for this information. Thanks!


A.  It is Franklin Township School’s intent to maintain an appropriate code of dress which will not infringe upon individual expression yet will uphold an appropriate environment.

B. Clothing shall not constitute a health or safety hazard to the wearer or to others. It shall not be potentially destructive to school property and shall not constitute a disruption to the educational process.

C.  Specific guidelines include:

  1. Outer garments, sunglasses, hats and any headdress, except for medical or religious reasons, are to be kept in the student’s classroom during the day;
  2. Regular shoes (shoes with a back strap) or sneakers must be worn in the building. Bare feet, spiked or cleated footwear, black-heeled boots, which mark or damage floors and footwear that is unsafe or intended for the beach are not permitted in school. Sneakers must be worn in the gymnasium;
  3. Shorts, skirts and dresses must measure no more than three inches above the knee (grades 3-6).
  4. Spaghetti-strap tops or dresses, half-shirts, halter-tops, see-through clothing are not to be worn; three inch shoulder straps are required (grades 3-6).
  5. Face masks, T-shirts or any items that include offensive graphics, inappropriate language, pictures, advertisements or slogans that promote the use of controlled substances, such as alcohol or drugs, are not allowed;
  6. Pants should be worn at or above waist level, and at no time should undergarments of any kind be visible; and

If children are not dressed by this standard, their parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified and asked to bring in appropriate clothing. Clothing from the Nurse's office may be supplied.