Week of Respect
Week of Respect


October 5-9, 2015


Be a HERO: what kind of HERO are you?

Dear Parents & Students, 

What does HERO stand for?  Here are some ideas!

Humble, hard worker, happy, healthy, honest, hopeful, humorous, helpful.  H is not for harassment.  Enthusiastic, energetic, eager, earnest, efficient, enterprising, empower, educated, encouraging, exceptional, exemplary, endurance, expressive, engaging, exuberant, easygoing, excited.  E is not for making excuses.

Responsible, respectful, rational, ready, resourceful, reverent, realistic, restrained, reassuring, relaxed, remarkable, reliable, resilient, radiant, resolute.  R is not for rude.

Organized, outstanding, obliging, open, orderly, optimistic, outgoing, open-minded.  O is not for obnoxious.


It’s time for our annual special weeks at Franklin Township School!  Hot on the heels of Fire Prevention Week, we’re celebrating Week of Respect next week and Kindness Week on the 19th.  This is our elementary school-friendly version of the state-mandated School Violence Awareness Week.  It serves as a good time to reinforce the lessons throughout the month of October which focus on RESPECT. 

Special activities this month will include morning announcements, video clips and discussions, art projects, wear special shirt days, a parent presentation on from law enforcement, promotion of our service project “Sole Hope”, and a special training for staff from the NJ State Police and law enforcement.  We have 2 special Family Nights!




MONDAY, OCTOBER 5…Be a Hero: H is for…  This is BLUE SHIRT DAY!  Everyone wears a blue shirt as a reminder that bullying is not tolerated and everyone deserves respect.  Oct. 5 is national Stop Bullying Day.

TUESDAY, OCT. 6…Be a Hero: E is for…  Upper grade students will meet Officer Laura Albrecht and discuss the issue of bullying.

WEDNESDAY, OCT. 7 Be a Hero: R is for…   WEAR A TEAM SHIRT.  We’re like a team here at Franklin…all different and unique, but working towards the same goals.

THURSDAY, OCT. 8…Be a Hero: O is for…  Guest speaker staff, Bill Hunt from Warren County Emergency Management.

FRIDAY, OCT. 9…Be a Hero: Have the heart of a hero.  We’ll meet to recite the respect pledge in unison and create a display for our school foyer showing how we have the hearts of a hero!