Kindness Week
Kindness Week


School Violence Awareness Week

October 19-23, 2015


Be a HERO: what kind of HERO are you?

Dear Parents & Students,

What does HERO stand for?  Here are some ideas!

Humble, hard worker, happy, healthy, honest, hopeful, humorous, helpful.  H is not for harassment.  Enthusiastic, energetic, eager, earnest, efficient, enterprising, empower, educated, encouraging, exceptional, exemplary, endurance, expressive, engaging, exuberant, easygoing, excited.  E is not for making excuses.

Responsible, respectful, rational, ready, resourceful, reverent, realistic, restrained, reassuring, relaxed, remarkable, reliable, resilient, radiant, resolute.  R is not for rude.

Organized, outstanding, obliging, open, orderly, optimistic, outgoing, open-minded.  O is not for obnoxious.


It’s time for our annual special weeks at Franklin Township School!  Hot on the heels of Fire Prevention Week, we’re celebrating Week of Respect next week and Kindness Week on the 19th.  This is our elementary school-friendly version of the state-mandated School Violence Awareness Week.  It serves as a good time to reinforce the lessons throughout the month of October which focus on RESPECT. 

Special activities this month will include morning announcements, video clips and discussions, art projects, wear special shirt days, a parent presentation on from law enforcement, promotion of our service project “Sole Hope”, and a special training for staff from the NJ State Police and law enforcement.  We have 2 special Family Nights!




MONDAY, OCT. 19-23

What’s YOUR Superpower?  Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Fairness, Trustworthiness, Citizenship 

We’re going to have daily announcements with “words of wisdom” from students, enjoy a family night, and have class discussions and activities focused upon becoming a respectful, responsible citizen.

TUESDAY, OCT 20.  6:30pm FAMILY NIGHT!  We are having a shoe cutting party!  First, we’ll hear how children and families without shoes struggle to avoid infections.  Then, we’ll do something to help!  Every single piece of fabric you cut will clothe the feet of children and will protect them from jigger infestations. It will provide jobs for Ugandans who sew the shoes. It will change a family’s life and give them pride in their skill and workmanship and provide income to care for their family.  Join us and teach your children by example how they can make a difference in the world.  It’s a family night of service!

OCTOBER & NOVEMBER…Sole Hope…Classes will join in learning about healthy living and avoiding infections.  Some classes and the CIA club will put their knowledge into action by cutting or packing shoe fabric parts and making cards/notes of inspiration and hope.  Students from the Character In Action club will assist with this event!

We hope your children enjoy our month of activities and that your family is able to attend our special Oct. 20th  Family Night. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at 689-1505 x406.  Thanks for your ongoing support of our character education and positive school climate initiatives.