Franklin Reading Night a Success!
Franklin Reading Night Recap!


Thank you to those attended Family Reading Night last night!  It was a nice event to promote summer time reading.  Today, each child at Franklin received a t-shirt, bag, pen, and journal to be used over the summer to encourage independent/shared reading.  There is also information about the Warren County Library located down the street at Warren Technical High School.

Please see the summer guide to reading from author Jim Trelease that was sent out in the June Fireball (link).  If you would like more information you will find it on his website at  There are three ideas that he shares in his book that I would like to share with you:

1. During the course of the year a child spends approximately 900 hours at school and 7,800 hours at home.  The time at home far outweighs the time spent in school, so carving out time each day out of the 7,800 hours (10 minutes a day is all you need – it will grow in time) will pay dividends later.

2. The best way to study for SAT’s is to read to your child when they are young.  Yes – 6th graders will still enjoy it – just pick something they like!

3. All you need are three things – books, book bin (places around the house – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen – ever see kids read the cereal box in the morning?), and bed light.  (When is the best time to read with your child?  Right before bed!)

This event was a culminating activity from our teaching staff as a result of four of years of professional development in the form of the National Writing Project (2011-2012 and 2012-2013) and the Franklin Reading Project (2013-2014 and 2014-2015).  We had between 85 and 90 students attend along with their families.  Thank you teachers for coming up with the idea!

Also thank you to the PTA and Warren County Library for helping the students choose books to be read over the summer.


Matt Eagleberger
Matt Eagleburger