Fireball Newsletter
Posted on 11/18/2016

Franklin Fireball ​

 November 21 and 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!
On behalf of the Franklin School Staff, I would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! This Fireball will address the next two weeks.

Senior Luncheon

Thursday was our annual Senior Luncheon at Franklin School. We enjoyed having them and look forward to this event every year. This year we had more than last year. Thank you to the PTA, cafeteria staff, and all of the teachers and students for contributing something for the event.

Science Grant from JCP&L
Congratulations to Mrs. Fellner in her receipt of the First Energy STEM Grant sponsored by JCP&L in the amount of $665. Stan Prater, Area Manager and Joseph Pranto, Senior Customer Support Specialist from JCP&L visited Franklin on November 16 to present the grant to our students. Mrs. Fellner used the grant money to purchase 20 magnetic levitation train kits to teach students about harnessing the power of magnetism. Students and the JCP&L representatives gathered around to preview a sample of the train kit and how technology will integrate into their investigations. When each student realized that they will have the opportunity to engineer their own design, the curiosity, enthusiasm, and appreciation for this opportunity was shared by all.

Tree Lighting Ceremony
Please join us at the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at the municipal building on Friday, December 2 at 6:00. Tell your friends and neighbors! Sing songs, drink hot chocolate, and watch the tree light up! 

Wackazoo Nod – A Franklin Story
Please see the story on the following written by a staff member and read over the announcements in recognition of American Education Week. Inspired by Dr. Suess!

School Schedule

Mon 11/21/16

Tue 11/22/16

Wed 11/23/16

Thu 11/24/16

Fri 11/25/16


8:20 - School Store

1st Grade Thanksgiving


Student Council

12:50 Dismissal
(No After Care)

School Closed – Thanksgiving Day 

School Closed – Thanksgiving Vacation 


Mon 11/28/16

Tue 11/29/16

Wed 11/30/16

Thu 12/01/16

Fri 12/02/16


8:20 - School Store


Student Council



6:00 - Tree Lighting at Municipal Building

Looking Ahead:

December 8 @ 7:00 - Band/Chorus Concert
December 7, 8, and 96 - Holiday Shoppe

The Wackazoo Nod – A Franklin School Story

One day while strolling along Drabadod Lake
I came upon a Wackazoo who started to spake
Now this in itself was incredibly odd
Because Wackazoos don’t speak, they only nod
They will nod up and down and swish left to right
But to see one speak is a very rare sight

With a voice that was low and somewhat like a snore
He asked me a question that we’ve all heard before
“Why is Franklin School loved by so many?”
“I would like some answers. Do you have any?”

“Do I have any?” I said, “You must jest.”
Franklin School is surely the best.
I could give you one million, or possibly two.
I could give you great answers all the day through.

So we sat down beneath a Sputtle Block tree.
On an old grey log, bout as high as my knee
Then I looked him squarely in his round purple eye
And gave him the answers to his big question why.

I told him of teachers that really do care
About teaching and growing and how much they share.
And then without pausing or taking a rest
I told him of students that give it their best

And all of the workers who come every day
To make this the best place to learn and to play
I told him of neighbors and all of the friends
Who volunteer time . . . it just never ends.

We sat on the log till the sun finally set
If the day hadn’t ended, we’d still be there yet.
And when the time came when all had been said
The Wackazoo slowly lifted his head

And I saw from his eye there flowed a small tear
And his mouth held a smile that went ear to ear
His face was glowing as he stood up to go
I had told him the answers he needed to know.

Was the last that I saw him, I’m sorry to say
But I surely will never forget that great day
For he said no more words as he left Drabadod
Just turned back at me and gave a Wackazoo nod